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This page describes the methods of where personal informations are received and collected and how they are used by

For this purpose, cookies are used, i.e. text files to facilitate user navigation.

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asks for data like login, password, personal info, credit cards info.


     1) What are the cookie?
Cookies are text files that the sites visited send to the user's browser and which are memorized before being re-transmitted to the site on the next visit.

      2) What are cookies useful for?
Cookies can be used to monitor sessions, to authenticate a user so that he can access a site without typing in his name and password each time and to memorize his preferences.

      3) What are technical cookies?
The so-called technical cookies are used for navigation and to facilitate access and use of the site by the user.
Technical cookies are essential for example to access Google or Facebook without having to log in to all sessions.
They are also the same in very delicate operations such as those of home banking or payment by credit card or by means of other systems.

      4) Analytics cookies are technical cookies?
In other words, are the cookies that are inserted in the browser and retransmitted via Google Analytics or via the Blogger Statistics service or similar technical cookies?
The Guarantor stated that these cookies can be considered technical only if "used for site optimization purposes directly by the site owner, who will be able to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site.
Under these conditions, the same rules apply for analytics cookies, in terms of information and consent, as for technical cookies."

      5) What are profiling cookies?
These are cookies used to track user navigation to create profiles on his tastes, preferences, interests and also on his searches.
There will be it certainly happened to see advertising banners relating to a product that you searched for on the internet shortly before.
The reason lies precisely in the profiling of your interests and the servers, appropriately addressed by cookies, show you the advertisements most relevant to you.

      6) Is the user's consent required for the installation of cookies on his terminal?
For the install of technical cookies. no consent is required, instead profiling cookies can be installed on the user's terminal only after the user has given consent and after being informed in a simplified way.

      7) How webmasters can request consent?
The Privacy Guarantor has established that when the user accesses a website, a banner must appear containing a brief information, the request for consent and a link for more detailed information. extended as the one visible on this page on what profiling cookies are and on the use made of them on the site itself.

      8) How the banner should be made?
The banner must be designed to hide part of the page content and specify that the site also uses profiling cookies from third parties.
The banner must be able to be deleted only with an active action by the user such as a click.

      9) What information should the banner contain?
The banner must contain: the brief information, the link to the extended information and the button to give consent to the use of profiling cookies.

      10) How to keep documentation of the consent to the use of cookies?
It is allowed the use of a technical cookie that it stores the user's consent so that the user does not have to express his consent again on a subsequent visit to the site.

      11) Consent to the use of cookies can be obtained through have only with the banner?
No. Other systems can be used as long as they are suitable the identified system has the same requirements.
The use of the banner is not necessary for sites that use only technical cookies.

      12) What must be included in the extended information page?
The characteristics of cookies also installed by third parties must be illustrated.
You must also indicate to the user the modalities to navigate the site without your preferences being tracked with the possibility of "incognito browsing" and with the deletion of individual cookies.

      13) Who is it required to inform the Guarantor of the uses of profiling cookies
The owner of the site has this burden.
If you use only third-party profiling cookies on your site, you do not need to inform the Guarantor, but it is required to indicate what these third-party cookies are and to indicate the links to the related information.

      14) When will this law be applied?
The Guarantor has given one year to comply and the deadline was on 2nd June 2015.


     Log files :
Like many other websites, this one also makes use of log files it records what is being done. the history of operations as they are performed.
Information contained within log files includes:
  • IP
  • addresses
  • Type of browser(ie.: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari; Internet Explorer ect...)

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Date, time, entry and exit page and number of clicks.

  • All of this to analyze trends, administer the site, track user movement around the site, and collect demographics, IP addresses, and other information.
    This data is not attributable in any way to the identity of the company. of the user and are technical cookies.


         Cookie :
    The website
    uses cookies to memorize informations about visitor's preferences and on pages viewed and to personalize the content of the web page depending on the browser in use and the information sent via browser .

    The site
    and its administrator have no control over the cookies that are used by third parties therefore, to learn more about the topic, it is advisable to consult the privacy policies of these third parties as well as such as the options to disable the collection of this information.

    The administrator of this site cannot then check out the activities – of the advertisers of this site.

    It is however possible to disable cookies directly from your browser.

    The website
    DOES NOT uses its own profiling cookies but those present are exclusively controlled by third parties such as Google, Wikipedia, Unesco, Shinystat, Freecounter and others.

    These provisions of the Privacy Guarantor are not only Italian, but are common to most European countries.
    You can find out about the rules of each jurisdiction by consulting the site Your Online Choices in your own language.


    Browsing without the use of technical and profiling cookies is; possible through what is called incognito browsing and feasible with all major browsers.
    1. Learn more about how to disabling cookies: Chrome
    2. Learn more about how to disabling cookies: Firefox
    3. Learn more about how to disabling cookies: Internet Explorer
    4. Learn more about how to disabling cookies: Opera
    5. Learn more about how to disabling cookies: Safari

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